Simply Hydro Shampoo

Moisturizes and relieves scalp irritation mildly. It also soothes the scalp inflammation.

Hydrate formula removes dry dandruff mildly.
Removes the scalp inflammation.
Keep your scalp in a good condition.
pH5.5, no harsh chemicals, no paraben.

How to use

  • Completely saturate your hair with warm, not hot water.
  • Apply some amount of the shampoo into the palm of your hand.

Shampoo twice in every use.

  • The first shampoo removes the dirt and excess scalp oil and rinses your scalp.
  • The second shampoo massages the scalp.

Rinse your scalp and hair thoroughly.

Don’t forget to use the purifying pre-shampoo every 1-2 times every week.

Scalp Daily Care Shampoo Frequency

Oily Scalp
Your hair gets greasy within a day since washing.
1-2 times/ 7 days
Your hair gets greasy within 1-2 days since washing.
1 times/ 10 days
Dry (Dandruff, Sensitive)
Your hair gets greasy within 3 days since washing.
1 time/ 14 days
Dermatitis Every day on the affected area
Psoriasis 1 time every 3 days on the affected area